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We thought the best to give you an understanding of how the Core Climber programs work, is to give you an example training day.

Click the block marked 'Today' in the strip below to take a look through an example training session or see the below for more information.

Please note: The example training day is for reference only and not intended to be used as part of any training program.

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When you first log into your session you'll see a summary strip like the one above of your weeks training, consisting of training days and rest days. You can click on any day of the program strip to get an overview of that days training; what type of training, what you'll need, how long it should take and where best to do it, so you can plan your week. You won't be able to access any days training except the one you're on though. This isn't always the case in our actual programs, where you can do the previous days training session (if you missed it) or the next the next days training (if you know you're going to miss it) and do it on the current day, as long as current day is a rest day. Otherwise you do the training for that day.

In this example, your current day is day 4, so you can access the demo day session by clicking the block marked 'Today' in the strip below and then the start training button.

What you will see isn't a training day as such or part of any program but it shows you how a days session is laid out and how you can follow it from start to finish.

You'll then be led through the session from initial warm up through the training and conditioning to a final stretch, including all the rest periods. Where possible ( all non climbing exercises ) there will be videos to follow along to, otherwise there will be detailed descriptions of the climbing exercises.