Coaching Plan – 8 week block

$195.00 USD

Understanding what type of training you should be doing to meet your goals can be confusing. If you sign up to our coaching plan you will get advice from World Champion, professional and Olympic coache Christian Core who will help you through the process, from initial assessment and understanding your goals, to recommeding what training programs to do and give advise or answer queations you have during the training program.

This is ideal for those who don’t want to go down the personalized training plan route but need advise around what to do and when to reach their goals.

Included in our coaching plan:

  • Initial assessment form to get information about you and your goals, plus a strength assessment, so we can best advise you on your training plan.
  • 2 of our training programs free.
  • Email communication with Christian or Stella during training to answer questions or give advice.
  • Second assessment after the first program and a recommendation for the second program.